Family Raised From Our Ranch to Your Table
We've raised many farm animals over our lifetime, and in 2011 we bought a milk cow and put three calves on her to raise for butcher for our family.  We loved the taste of the homegrown meat so much that we ate more beef than normal.  By sharing our beef with family, friends, and co-workers, word spread so fast that we had an order for ten steers the following year and we were turning people away for lack of enough steers. Thus leading us to creating the business of Lay's Ranch. We enjoy the life of taking care of animals.  Keeping them healthy and raising them as God intended; food for His people.
  • We love the flavor and tenderness of homegrown beef, pork and eggs and feel it should be more accessible to everyone. 
  • We believe that people should know where the meat they are eating came from. 
  • We want people to know that our animals are raised humanely with no growth hormones added. 
  • We can do either grass finished or grain finished as long as the order is four months before butcher dates. 
  • We offer portion friendly and freezer friendly sized beef and pork by use of different breeds of cattle.
  • We believe homegrown eggs taste better than the store and that affects everything that they are used in.
5% discount for first responders and military with ID